Welcome to Bunk Beds Ireland! Best Value Bunk Beds Ireland from a 100% Irish owned company who specialise in selling a variety of bunk beds in Ireland. Bunk Beds Ireland sells standard wooden or metal single mattress bunk beds, trundle, triple and loft beds. You can find any kind of bunk bed you need on our site and if you want anything more upmarket then don’t hesitate to check out our custom made bunk beds section. There’s no type of bunk bed that Bunk Beds Ireland can't provide you!

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Bunk Beds Ireland deliver anywhere in the country! We’re dedicated to serving the Irish market in any way we can. We sell by taking orders through our online payments system and dispatching products as soon as possible.

The types of bunk beds we sell are wide and varied. They come in either wood or metal, can be ordered in a multitude of colours and have a range of designs; from a standard bunk bed to trundle, loft, triple sleepers and everything in between. Want a double on the bottom? We can get that done no problem. Need a desk underneath? We have a number of loft bunk beds that might suit your style. Anything you might need you can find here, so we suggest you browse the site and find what suits you!

Bunk Beds Ireland – The Benefits of buying a top-quality bunk bed

  • Convenience: bunk beds save space and free up areas for other use. They can make smaller rooms easily able to sleep two people, or a larger bedroom can have 2 separate desk areas because space isn’t being taken up by a double or two single beds. In a cozy room warmed up by an immersion heater or similar device, your kids will sleep in a comfort out of this world!
  • Individualism: Two people get a private sleeping area rather than having two people, be they siblings or renters, having to share a bed.
  • Two Beds: With most wooden bunk beds the top and bottom bunks are modular, meaning you can split them into two separate single beds if you move into a larger room etc. It adds a nice degree of variability without needing to buy two beds.
  • Children: Bunk beds are almost a rite of passage for many children, they can be great fun to build forts or play on in a number of fashions. This might make cleaning up annoying for parents, but it’s definitely a small added benefit.
  • Siblings: While it might sound strange, siblings can really bond when they share a room, and bunkbeds are far better for this than two singles. There’s a sense of closeness that people share when they’re sleeping in the same structure and can whisper about ghost stories far easier when they’re in bunk beds. This might make them sleepy in the mornings, but we still think it’s a pro!

Bunk Beds Price

There is no doubt that metal beds are generally cheaper than wooden ones. In this sense, wooden bunk beds are generally “better” but if a metal bed frame is half the price then it might be worth it. However, it’s important to point out that this is not always the case. Metal beds used in hostels tend to be very well built and sturdy, the reason they’re metal is more to prevent damage rather than wanting a cheaper build. So it’s important to point out that if you come across a more expensive metal bed on our sight they won’t suffer many of the problems seen below and certainly not to the same extent.

Bunk Beds Ireland – Metal frame or Wooden frame?

There are a few differences between having your bed made out of metal or wood and there are trade-offs between each. So we’ll go through these here on our site to hopefully help you make the best decision on what you need.

Get it assembled by a tradesman

Our assembly service is available in Dublin only. For nationwide assembly we recommend finding online a tradesman in your area.


The Bed Noise Levels

As they age, metal beds tend to become squeaky. Especially if used as a children’s bed, as young kids tend to both, move around quite a bit in their sleep and move around quite a bit when they’re not asleep! The beds can be treated if this becomes too much of a problem, but this is just another thing to do that’s usually a hassle. Wooden beds don’t experience this to the same effect, they will make noise as they age, but it takes much longer and the amount of noise is far less. If you’ve never had a metal bunk bed before we’d like to point out that the noise level can be very bad. Besides, with wooden bunk beds it’s usually the support beams and that creak and these are easily replaceable.

The Potential Alignment Issues for Bunks & Loft Beds

Metal beds have some alignment issues that wooden beds do not and they can become out of shape over the years while wooden beds never do. Wood expands and contracts or “breaths”, so because it’s always slightly changing shape it doesn’t get warped over the years. By contrast, metal is so dense that it never moves, causing tiny movements that over time warp the shape. This is far less common with more expensive metal beds, but eventually a cheaper bed will become unusable. Though this usually isn’t an issue for many years as long as they’re not mistreated.

The Variety of Kid's Beds

Wooden beds have far more choice than metal beds because the market’s saturated. There are literally hundreds of variations of wooden beds as opposed to metal, which means it’s much easier to match a bed to the room design or other furniture, because you can keep looking until you find what you want. This isn’t as true with a metal bed.

Bunk Beds Weight

Metal bunk beds are usually a lot lighter than wooden beds which makes them easier to move, but they also tend to weigh enough that young children still won’t be able to move them. This makes installing them and moving them around the house a lot easier and they’re not much of a problem to move if you want to clean/hover under the bed. Wooden beds generally can’t do this and are firmly locked in place without at least two people to move them around, which means the initial installation is more difficult and so is moving them within a room or between rooms in a house.

Many of these things above are simply trade-offs. Generally a metal bed is cheaper and easier to install/move around, but suffers from problems as it gets older. Wooden beds are more expensive and hard to install due to how heavy it is, but will usually last longer and most have the benefit of being able to switch into two regular single beds, which can be very useful to some people depending on what you need the beds for.

Bunk Beds Design

Bunk Beds Ireland's metal beds usually follow standard and set designs and as a material, metal is generally pretty hard to work with on such a small scale, so there are far more wooden designs that can be utilised. For example, do you want a ladder or stairs? Stairs are more expensive, but they’re easier to navigate (especially at night) and usually have storage space built into the steps.

Most bunk beds have a spray painted finish. The spray painting colour is usually white or off-white, although more fun colour options are available. A spray painting furniture service can turn your bunk bed into a personalised piece of furniture.

There are further decisions to be made on whether it comes in a futon, and “L-S” shape or if you want a loft styled bunk with a desk underneath designed for use by one person.

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