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Bunk beds are commonly purchased for the excitement of the kids and their ability to save space. The floor space that is usually occupied by one bed can be used by a bunk bed and sleep two kids. It is a space saving feature that frees up space to be used as storage for toys or for an additional surface area where they can play.

Bunk beds come in many different shapes, sizes, designs, colours and materials. On our website you can purchase wooden or metal bunk beds. These beds come in different heights and have storage and study areas.

A bunk bed is an exciting addition in the lives of your kids. Bellow you will find all the information that will help you choose a mattress, safely position the bed and some information on practical bunk bed bedding.

Bunk Bed Benefits

For adults it is a hard call to make considering all the safety features and the changing of the sheets for the top bunk. We’ll touch on these aspects later on in this article. However every kid has a soft spot for bunk beds. In reality it is the closest they can get to a tree house. It is fun and different.

Bunk beds are divided into two and when children are sharing a room they give each child a feeling like they are in their own room. Bunks are normally surrounded by two walls and can have additional features such as curtains or stylish radiator covers for an extra fun and fort-like effect. It is assumed that with kids feel more secure in their bunk beds rather than in an open bed helping them to sleep better at night.

It is a hard call to make when choosing a bunk bed as your kids will most likely be begging for one. Bunk beds are amazing not just for a bit of privacy but also as a space saver. There is never enough storage room for toys that are scattered around the house in unlimited quantities. Having limited room space bunk beds will free up some of it for storing the toys.

However fun the bunk beds may seem to your kids consider it from a practical view. If you’re short on space, on storage space and you want some privacy for your kids, bunk beds will be a perfect solution for that.

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Things to consider

  • Your kids' age
    Regarding the international health and safety rules, including HSE, it is important that no kids under the age of 6 should be allowed on the top bunk. Not all of the kids can climb confidently up and down the ladder. It can be because of many various reasons. Perhaps the size of the ladder is too big for them and not all of the kids under 6 will be confident climbing down the ladder at night.
  • Sleeping style
    Consider your children’s sleeping style. Some of the kids are extremely active when they sleep. They toss and turn and they may want to wake up several times a night to go to the bathroom. Having to go up and down the ladder a couple of times a night will disturb the child sleeping on the bottom bunk. If that is the case maybe they should sleep on the bottom bunk.
  • Children's bedroom
    Keep in mind the layout of the room. If possible place a bunk bed against one or two walls. The walls and their wainscoting create extra safety feature in addition to guard rails. Avoid putting a bunk bed near a window as it can pose potential hazard. The top bunk will be the closest to the ceiling this means that you should avoid putting it within the reach of ceiling fans and electrical fixtures.
  • Budget for the bunk bed
    There are a number of elements that will affect the shopping budget of a bunk bed. Let’s get it clear, a metal bunk bed will be cheaper than a wooden one. All bunk beds that will have extra storage built into them will be more expensive. Stairs instead of ladders will also add to the price of the bunk bed due to increase of material and a slightly more complicated layout. Take into consideration that you will need two mattresses, factoring it into your bunk bed budget.

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A lot of parents’ concerns would be the safety of the bunk beds. It is a legitimate concern since the bunk bed that your children will be sleeping in is raised above the ground and may seem simple to use.

Ever since bunk beds have been invented the safety regulations on them have been reinforced. Any bunk bed that you’re purchasing should have a guard rail on the top bunk. It is vital because no matter how confident you’re in your child’s sleeping patterns, the guard rail will protect them from any potential accidents.

You might noticed that even with single beds we tend to put carpets beside them. Firstly it is out of comfort and it’s much nicer to step on a carpet first thing in the morning rather than a hardwood floor that can be cold. Same principle should apply with bunk beds for extra safety and comfort to position a carpet underneath the bed.

Buying a bunk bed with your kids make sure you establish some basic safety rules. These should include: no jumping on or off the beds; no more than one person on the top bunk; use a designated ladder or stairs to get up and down the top bunk. These are simple but golden rules that every household should reinforce about their bunk beds.

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Quality Mattress Range

When it comes to bunk bed mattresses, we’ve got you covered. Ordering a bunk bed you won’t have to think about ordering a mattress we will provide an option for you to order the bed along with a choice of two types of mattresses.

However if you decide to go a different route, consider the following elements when purchasing a mattress.

  • Top bunk mattress thickness
    The higher your mattress is the lower the safety railing will be. Safety rails protect a child from falling out of bed and a thick mattress might take away from their height.
  • Bottom bunk mattress thickness
    Similar applies to the bottom bunk. The thicker the mattress is below the less head room a child will have.
  • Springy mattresses
    A springy mattress will cause a child want to bounce on it and it isn’t quite ideal. Consider a foam mattress or a memory foam mattress that will allow the body to sink into it.
  • Opt for memory foam
    Changing the sheets on plush mattresses is harder especially on the top bunk. Foam mattresses are lighter and easier to manage especially in conjunction with staircase bunk beds.

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