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Bunk Beds with Drawers

There are two different types of low-sleepers. There are the ones that already have drawers and shelves installed in them and the loft beds with an empty space underneath. When you’ve figured out what you’ll need to store away, you’ll be able to install dividers into the drawers to maximise the use of available space. It’ll make the stuff easy to reach and will help the kids to tidy up their toys on their own with ease, which is what every parent wants!

If you’re still looking for an easy solution to hide the toys, a bunk bed with drawers and a tent is it! These types of beds are popular not only because they let you hide the mess but also because kids are over the moon with the idea of playing inside the tent. You can customise box shelves inside the tent with pull out baskets which will come in handy for future storage when kids grow older.

You can also find bunk beds that incorporate actual wardrobes, and behind the wardrobe doors your child can fit their clothes, toys, bed sheets, extra pillows and anything else. There are many stylish designs for wardrobe doors that would be perfect for the kids' room, and for an extra touch of style you can paint them in any colour.

Many loft bunk beds come with built-in storage and offer you a complete solution for a kids' room. If you opt for a bed that has a wardrobe built in, you can either remove the old wardrobes to make more space or you can change their design completely by getting new wardrobe doors. If you are interested in this option and want some made to measure doors for your kids' bedroom wardrobe you can check them out here and choose a style that you like.

There’s always a way of adding a storage drawer that will occupy the empty space underneath a standard bunk bed. A drawer is a great way to accomplish a clean look that is also quite easy for kids to pull out and access their toys. The low section of bunk beds with drawers can even hold a single mattress if you’re looking for an occasional sleeping space for guests staying over. Or you can create sections with dividers to store away bedding and toys at the same time.

Bunk Beds with Storage

Beds with Shelves

The beauty of bunk beds is that they can always be taken apart. The storage can be either altered or added depending on the changing needs of the kids. Shared bedrooms will most likely require study desks and to really make some private area for kids that are growing up together you can personalise their space.

With two kids sharing a bedroom, the storage space you can get from a single bunk bed is unlikely to be enough for all their clothes and toys. Fitted wardrobes are a great solution where space is at a premium because they utilise wall space incredibly well.

If you add fitted wardrobes to your kids’ bedroom, they will be able to keep only the basics in the bunk bed storage sections (such as their favourite toys, their pyjamas, an extra blanket or chargers for their laptops or tablets) and everything else can be kept in the wardrobe. For inspiration and a quote for fitted wardrobes click here.

When kids are younger you can colour coordinate dressers and shelves. It is a fun way of introducing two different private spaces in one room. This teaches them to respect each other’s privacy while sharing the bedroom.

If the room is big enough to install two loft beds with shelves and desks underneath you can equip them with pretty much any type of storage furniture. The more storage you will add the more enclosed the area will become. Open shelving is a great way to keep the space feel open.

There is an incredible amount of variations for creating extra storage in a shared room with bunks. Some of these approaches are completely modular. While all the furniture fits underneath the bed, you can easily take it apart and use it as stand-alone pieces. The bottom line of any type of bunk bed is that it is a space saver. Before you even begin to add drawers, shelves and stands you already have gained a considerable amount of floor space.

Keeping everybody happy - Especially the kids

  • Nicola

    My girls have both said the bed and especially the mattresses are so comfortable and lovely to sleep on. We’re not in Dublin to take advantage of the assembly service so we got a local handyman to do the assembling for us. Overall very satisfied with the purchase. Thank you BunkBed.ie.

    Rated 5 out of 5
  • Tania

    Really sturdy bed and great quality – couldn’t recommend this company enough and definitely suggest having the bed made by someone from here.

    Rated 5 out of 5
  • Colin

    We’re pleased with the quality of this product. The bed arrived when expected. The mattresses were thick and of high quality. The luminous strips on the steps were a nice touch. The bed is sturdy, there’s a good amount of storage under the bed and plenty of shelf space for books and toys.

    Rated 5 out of 5