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Trundle beds are an amazing choice for any children's room!

Do you remember as a child the excitement of having a sleepover?

Do you remember the joy of staying up late and laughing?

Whether your family is large or small, being prepared for the inevitable sleepovers is key to maintaining your status of “popular parent” and keeping your children happy.

Trundle beds are beds which feature an additional pull-out bed base and mattress.

Available in a range of styles and set-ups, these beds are the perfect addition to your children's rooms. The convenience and flexibility of having such a bed in your home cannot be overestimated!

Trundle beds are great for rooms that are short on space. If the room is for one child, a trundle mid sleeper is a great way to double up on bed space when needed.

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Trundle Beds Ireland

Being easy to pull-out and pack away, it will make setting up for guests quick and easy.

While trundle beds are popular for smaller bedrooms, they can also be used in larger ones. It is not uncommon for children to share rooms with their siblings and, even when children have their own rooms, they often want to share or have sleepovers with their brothers or sisters.

In a larger room with more than one sibling sharing, space can quickly get used up.

Opting for a trundle bed means that during the day space can be used for playing. They offer a great level of flexibility compared to two permanent beds.

Making decisions on furniture in your children’s bedrooms should consider a variety of factors.

Does it fit the style? Does it make the best use of space? What is its purpose? It is durable and high quality? Click here to explore custom-made furniture which will not only help to create a fantastic space for your child but also keep your home looking stylish.

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Who Are Trundle Beds For?

Our beds aren’t just for younger children. If you are expecting guests, our range of stylish and practical trundle beds are a superb solution to sort out any sleeping situation.

If you have a guest room in your house, opting for this type of bed means you can accommodate your friends alongside their families with greater ease.

Teenagers may also appreciate having a bed with a pull-out within their room. For teenagers, a room can become a bit of an all-purpose sanctuary. A place to study, a place to hang out with friends, a place to relax and sleep.

High sleepers with the inclusion of a desk underneath are also a popular choice, but If you want to keep your couch free from your children’s friends, a trundle bed is a better solution.

Opting for a triple bunk bed with space for a pull-out will still allow them to have a double bed as well as accommodating their friends.

We are the number one provider of trundle beds in Ireland. Our reputation for providing excellent beds is well-known and our customers have great reviews of the quality of our products. Browse through our website to discover the vast range of beds we provide.

Daybeds with Trundle

In many busy homes, living rooms, home-offices or playrooms are also sometimes needed to double up as accommodation for guests.

While having an inflatable bed handy is cheap, it is by no means comfortable. Opting for a daybed with trundle is a stylish and elegant way to incorporate additional sleeping space into a room used for different purposes.

These beds have longer sides and are usually deeper.

In order to help the daybed fit in with the existing style of the room it is placed in, you should choose cushions and throws which complement the room’s colour scheme and allow it to almost be disguised as a couch when not needed for sleeping.

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Kids Trundle Beds

As we mentioned earlier on this page, trundle beds are a fantastic addition to a kid’s bedroom.

While they are great for being used when friends stay over, they can also offer a more permanent solution for children who share a bedroom.

Many parents choose to have bunk beds in their children’s room as a means of saving space. However, as a parent you know your children best and if you have younger children you may not feel completely comfortable having one of them staying on the top bunk.

Kids’ trundle beds are great for two children sharing and still provide you peace of mind that both remain safe.

As parents, we are incredibly safety conscious. Every decision we make must have safety considerations.

When thinking of our children’s bedrooms it is important to realise these rooms aren’t single-purpose and are always used for playing. With this in mind, getting and fitting radiator covers in your children’s room will protect them from touching or bumping into a hot radiator.

Bunk Beds with Trundle

Many of our bunk bed designs offer the option of an additional trundle bed which adds flexibility into your child’s room.

It’s a great way to have cousins stay over or for the times when your children want you to stay in the room with them.

Bunk beds with trundle can also be added to a spare room if you regularly host children or teenage friends in your home.

It is often the case that grandparents install bunk beds with trundle so that they can have their grandchildren stay over — an ideal situation for everyone.

Keeping everybody happy - Especially the kids

  • Nicola

    My girls have both said the bed and especially the mattresses are so comfortable and lovely to sleep on. We’re not in Dublin to take advantage of the assembly service so we got a local handyman to do the assembling for us. Overall very satisfied with the purchase. Thank you

    Rated 5 out of 5
  • Tania

    Really sturdy bed and great quality – couldn’t recommend this company enough and definitely suggest having the bed made by someone from here.

    Rated 5 out of 5
  • Colin

    We’re pleased with the quality of this product. The bed arrived when expected. The mattresses were thick and of high quality. The luminous strips on the steps were a nice touch. The bed is sturdy, there’s a good amount of storage under the bed and plenty of shelf space for books and toys.

    Rated 5 out of 5